Welcome to our restaurant!

Our cuisine is entirely made of fresh and seasonal products which come from local producers.


Our restaurant is located at the entrance of the village, in front of the library, You will find avery convenient free parking on the other side of the street.


Until May 16th,

Open every day for lunch and dinner.


From May 17th,

Our restaurant will be closed on Thursdays all day and Fridays for lunch.


For lunch, from Monday to Saturday, we offer two menus:

°3 courses (starter, main course, dessert) with a glass of wine and an expresso : 19.50€

°2 courses (starter + main course or main course + dessert) with a glass of wine: 16.50€


We also propose menus with café gourmand: 19.50€ (main course and café gourmand) or 22.50€ (starter + main course + café gourmand).


Menu of the month 




Spinach dome,

Goat cheese cream, pine seeds,

Mushrooms and bacon.


Main course


Fillet of fish,

Zucchini coulis with citron oil,

Eggplant gratin with mozzarella and sorrel.




Hay caramelized custard cream

And stewed strawberries.


*these prices are not available on holidays 


For your children, the chef can prepare a meal according to their taste and the products available, or we also offer traditional kid's menus: chicken nuggets, minced beef burger or breaded fish fillet with vegetables or French fries. Both kid's menus include a beverage and a dessert (11€ and 14€).





For dinner, every day and for lunch on Sundays, we offer two menus:





Scottish salmon in a citrus fruit crust, kaeffir emulsion and avocado stuffed with crab


Beef carpaccio, small potatoes salad, chives cream and grated ewe's milk cheese



Duck breast fillet, pink berries sauce, barley risotto, carrot cream and chorizo


Fillet of fish, Hollandaise sauce with citron, slow-simmered leeks and mushrooms


29€: 3 courses

25€: starter + main course

24€: main course + dessert

17€: starter + dessert






Pan-sautéed asparagus, almond flan, mimosa eggs, morel mushrooms and raw ham


Starter of the day



Veal filet mignon, marjoram sauce, peas purée and glazed vegetables


32€: 3 courses

28€: starter + main course

26€: main course + dessert

19€: starter + dessert




*Old Rum baba, crystallized pineapple and mascarpone whipped cream

*Rhubarb tartlet, stewed strawberries and white chocolate

*Iced pistachio caramelized custard cream, baked apple and shortbread

*Dessert of the day

*Café or thé gourmand

*Assortment of three cheeses

*Ice-creams and sorbets (a choice of three flavors)





 We offer free unlimited wifi to our clients.


We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Net price, service included.


Restaurant "A Table!"

121, Avenue Barral des Baux

84 410 Bédoin

Téléphone: +33 9 80 85 32 43 or +33 6 60 16 41 93.

Mail: restaurantatable@hotmail.fr



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Notre cuisine est entièrement réalisée à base de produits frais du marché, cuisinés maison.

Notre carte change régulièrement pour suivre le rythme des saisons et nous favorisons les producteurs locaux.


Nous offrons à tous nos clients la possibilité d'utiliser la Wifi en connexion illimitée.