Welcome to our restaurant!

Our cuisine is entirely made of fresh and seasonal products which come from local producers.


Our restaurant is located at the entrance of the village, in front of the library, You will find avery convenient free parking on the other side of the street.


For lunch, from Monday to Saturday, we offer two menus:

°3 courses (starter, main course, dessert) with a glass of wine and an expresso : 19.50€

°2 courses (starter + main course or main course + dessert) with a glass of wine: 16.50€


We also propose menus with café gourmand: 19.50€ (main course and café gourmand) or 22.50€ (starter + main course + café gourmand).


Menu of the month (February)




Guinea Fowl pie with mushrooms and diced Foie Gras,

Green salad.


Main course


Fillet of fish cooked with tinfoil,

Bergamot butter,

Jewish artichokes and spinach gratin.




Meringue, yogurt cream,

Grated coconut,

Diced mango with lime zests.



For your children, the chef can prepare a meal according to their taste and the products available, or we also offer traditional kid's menus: chicken nuggets, minced beef burger or breaded fish fillet with vegetables or French fries. Both kid's menus include a beverage and a dessert (11€ and 14€).





For dinner, every day and for lunch on Sundays, we offer this menu:




Foie Gras and guinea fowl ballotine,

Puff pastry with Espelette pepper,

Beetroot jelly with kumquat zests,

Mixed salad




Pan-sautéed scallops, crispy scallop, leeks,

Ligltly whipped potato purée smoked with hay,

Citrus fruit emulsion




Pan-sautéed Dublin bay prawns, 

Dublin bay prawns tartare with pepper grapefruit,

Mushrooms and avocado with hazelnut oil





Glazed Ventoux pork chop with honey,

Hibiscus sauce,

Rice with lamb's lettuce cream,

Fried onions and shrimps




Fillet of fish,

Yellow onion sauce,

Carrot cake and roasted vegetables




Fillet of beef,

Perigourdine sauce,

Baked polenta fries, grated truffle,

Buttered cabbage with bacon





Calvados baba caramelized apples and vanilla whipped cream


Rolled chocolate biscuits, chocolate mousse and pecan nut biscuit


Souffléed crêpe with lemon cream and meringue


Café or thé gourmand


Assortment of three cheeses


Ice-cream and sorbets




-One course                    19€

-Starter + Main course     28€

-Main course + dessert     26€

-Starter + dessert             21€

-Three courses                 31€



 We offer free unlimited wifi to our clients.


We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Net price, service included.


Restaurant "A Table!"

121, Avenue Barral des Baux

84 410 Bédoin

Telephone: +33 9 80 85 32 43 or +33 6 60 16 41 93.

Mail: restaurantatable@hotmail.fr



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Notre cuisine est entièrement réalisée à base de produits frais du marché, cuisinés maison.

Notre carte change régulièrement pour suivre le rythme des saisons et nous favorisons les producteurs locaux.


Nous offrons à tous nos clients la possibilité d'utiliser la Wifi en connexion illimitée.